• Effect Engine Devlog 1

    Welcome to the very first devlog of Effect Engine! Being the first devlog, this one will be a bit unusual. It will roughly cover how the game engine currently works as well as what I am currently working on. There won't be many demos at the moment or the forseeable future, as the game engine is still in a state where it cannot make a fully functional game. However, I hope to change that slightly later on with the introduction of working text and menus.
  • Running Rust on a PicoW

    The Raspberry Pi PicoW is a powerful and inexpensive microcontroller with wireless support. However, when trying to run the classic “blinky” example from rp-hal, you may have discovered that it does not work. This is because the onboard LED (GPIO25) must be accessed through the wireless controller. A port of the driver is being written as we speak.

  • Welcome to XavierCS!

    Hi, and welcome to xaviercs.com. Today we will discuss how this website is put together, what it will be used for, and potential future content.